Brier Dlugolecki Strategies will position your business to succeed in Federal, State and Local government marketplaces.  Setting your business up to compete for government work can be a daunting prospect.  Planning your approach is critical.  You will need to make a determination on the following:

  1. Should you compete for government business?  Who is buying what you are selling?
  2. What are the costs and what are the benefits?  What is the return on investment?
  3. Who is your competition?  What do they do that you may not?
  4. Can you adhere to the many acquisition regulations of government agencies?
  5. At what level are you best suited to bid for government work?  Federal, State, Local or all of the above?
  6. Do you have the resources to maintain adherence to the requirements of a government contract?
  7. Which acquisition mechanism is best for your business?  Should you be on the GSA schedule, COSTARs, FEDBIZOpps, DIBBs, ASFI, NECO or other mechanisms the government uses to purchase products and services.
  8. How do you build a relationship with a government entity?
  9. Who do you have that can provide you with educated and comprehensive response to these questions?

Brier Dlugolecki brings extensive experience in the government marketplace and we use our experience to answer important questions to your bottom line.  We offer services that include:

  1. Building a strategy to position your business for a successful entry into the government marketplace.
  2. Building policies and procedures that will ensure that your business can continue to compete in the government space today and tomorrow.
  3. Proposal writing services that include helping your business to get on the GSA schedule and utilizing other government buying mechanisms.  Alone, these services can cost thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours of your employee’s time.  We include this service as part of our client contract.
  4. Assistance with registrations and certifications.  For example, if your business is Woman-owned, we will help you to complete the requirements for certification at the State and Federal levels.
  5. Understanding acquisition regulations like the Federal Acquisition Registry (FAR).
  6. We will help you to use economical local resources that can help you monitor opportunities free and keep you updated on useful local events where you can meet government buyers.
  7. We will train your staff to understand government acquisitions like we do so that you can continue to compete in the long-term.
  8. We will help you to leverage your product or service through building relationships with the right people in the right place.
  9. We monitor Pennsylvania state regulations and legislation and provide reports if and when those regulations and legislation impact your business.  We present opportunities to proactively promote regulations and legislation that can be favorable for your business.  We monitor those opportunities and help you utilize our approach to promoting your businesses interests in Harrisburg.
  10. We survey the various markets to build procurement forecasts for your review.  Alone, this type of information can cost thousands of dollars.  We offer this service as part of your client contract.