Brier Dlugolecki helps clients develop their message and deliver it to the people important to their goals. Whether a client seeks to affect legislation, secure funding, obtain approvals or shape policy, Brier Dlugolecki provides the strategic counsel and advocacy necessary for success.



Our approach to lobbying is based upon understanding your concerns, bringing the right people to the table, and effectively communicating the big picture. Our vast relationships are on both sides of the aisle, spanning legislators and leadership, committee chairs and committee staff, executive agency heads and administrators, and independent authorities. We believe issues should be managed carefully, every outcome should be anticipated, and no detail should be overlooked.

Regulatory Advocacy

Our experienced team has represented clients facing a wide variety of regulatory issues. We make sure that the regulatory decision-makers hear our clients’ voices.

Appropriations and Funding

Brier Dlugolecki helps our clients understand the appropriations process and identify possible funding opportunities. Our experienced team follows through with effective advocacy.

Marketing to the Government

Brier Dlugolecki will help you identify the best sales and procurement opportunities with Federal and Pennsylvania Government Agencies by providing you with proposal writing services, market research and forecasts, contract management and leading you through the often-difficult registration/verification process.

Permits, Licensing, and Approvals

Brier Dlugolecki communicates effectively with state and municipal authorities in order to advance our clients’ proposals, submissions and applications. By working closely with government and regulatory agencies, developers and landowners, Brier Dlugolecki can help solve client problems from simple development entitlement issues to assisting in the environmental permitting issues with the natural gas industry.